Cory Bloomer born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem always exposed to different flavors as a child.

 My name is Cory Bloomer, but as a self proclaimed professional I wear several hats. With my clients, I’m Chef Corb. At home, I’m daddy and being a single father is a hat that stands alone.With family members I’m Uncle, Cousin, Son and Brother. There’s nothing better to merge these hats than the kitchen. The kitchen is my heartbeat. My plate tells my experience and my experience tells my story. I have had the craziest life experiences. From working for folks and not feeling appreciated to feeling like I could retire from a job just to be stripped of all I had worked for. Still I will say that I am truly blessed to be able to dress a plate. I will call it an honor working with so many different restaurants from juke joints to fine dining, fish and chips to buffet. Red Rooster, Mobay, Baon Rouge, and A Taste of Seafood to name a few. I even had a chance to work for the late and great Nick Ashford and his lovely wife, Valerie Simpson at The Sugar Bar. Working for some of these places in New York, good and bad, has been and will forever be my canvas. But my legacy must be much bigger.